Transition into a new career adventure.

We represent you and your passions, not just the clients' who pay the bills.  It does not benefit anyone if it is not the right career move for you. Even if you are in the job you love, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation about new opportunities. A conversation with a recruiter or hiring manager educates you on what's happening within your industry, gives you an idea of compensation packages being offered and expands your network.

If you are interested in a new career adventure, I.T. Staffing Services can introduce you to exciting opportunities and keep you informed every step of the process. After a resume overview, we will help you prepare for the interview. The recruiting staff will provide a detailed position overview, identify the company players and what skills the client is looking for. If the company chooses to go in another direction and hires a different candidate, we will be transparent and tell you why you weren't chosen for the job. Closing the loop is a big part of the process and we will not leave anyone hanging. Although, if you are selected to interview, be ready to put your best foot forward.


I.T. Staffing Services is different from "other recruiters", here's how:

  • We enjoy meeting new people and have a passion for technology, we love what we do!
  • We have a complete understanding of the recruiting cycle and the technical infrastructure.
  • We know our clients, how they work and what they need.
  • We are not trying to meet a quota and not doing this work just for the money.
  • We are professionals with many years of experience.
  • We will help you with the job search process, even if we don't place you with our clients.
  • We get to know you to ensure the right placement and refer you to others if we can't help.
  • We will help you communicate and make you understand why you didn't get the position.
  • Once we meet you, we will never forget you!


How to prepare for an interview:

  1. Know the Company - Arm yourself with company knowledge and facts so that you fully understand their business, products and people. Read the website, technical blogs and Linkedin profile.

  2. Research the interviewers - Know their background and career history, look up their Linkedin profile and see if you are connected - Do whatever you can to find common ground.
  3. Know the job description - Understand what the position is requiring and form talking points on how your skills align with their needs. Focus on your strengths but be ready to tell them where you may fall short. Have examples of past performance so that you're able to express success.
  4. Prepare the logistics - Know the dress code and choose your attire appropriately. Have the interview location and map the route out so you can plan your commute accordingly. If you're using Skype or online tools, make sure everything is functioning before the scheduled time. Bring several copies of your resume, prepared questions, paper and a pen for note taking. Don't forget to take any project examples or links to things you have worked on.
  5. Interview Day - 

  • Be on-time, at least 5 minutes early
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Be yourself and natural
  • Act interested and be interesting
  • Have patience and listen to entire question before responding
  • Maintain eye contact and smile
  • Bring confidence and a positive attitude.
  • Keep answers succinct and try not to ramble
  • Bow out gracefully if you're not interested in position
  • Act professional at all times, no negativity
  • Always be honest and admit if you don't know something
  • Be mindful of perfume and cologne.
  • Ask for the next steps if you're interested in pursuing the opportunity
  • Follow up with a hand written thank you note to everyone you met

“The Search is ON, A Job Hunter Guide” is designed to help individuals define what they want in a career opportunity. This guide kick starts a job search by providing organizational tools to maximize your time and efforts. Job seekers at any level of their career can benefit from these suggestions.